Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poetry Contest

Last year we enjoyed attending the Sunday afternoon event where the ten finalists for the first Love Letters  Poetry Contest read their poems.  Garrison Keillor hosted the event.  It left such an impression on me I decided to give it a go this year.  Here is my try:

Fourth Honorable Mention

I take after my Dutch grandfather.
I am pragmatic to a fault.
I worry about making mistakes.
But what about love?

As the years go by, people seem to be telling me,
I've reached the crest of my hill.
I remind them I still have my giddy-up-and-go.
But what about love?

I go to work like a soldier,
At the same place for 30 years and more,
Never questioning why or what for.
But what about love?

I enjoy pushing paint around on canvas.
With some pretense, I joined the artists' tribe.
I once won the prize for "Fourth Honorable Mention."
But what about love?

Most of the time I have had the companionship of dogs.
I take Barney for a neighborhood walk twice a day.
I'll cry like a baby when he dies.
But what about love?

Live music and theater can nourish my soul.
At times in my life I need them more than I know.
They bring me joy, a gift that pays off in spades.
But what about love?

I like to go to movies on Friday night.
It helps kick off the weekend.
(Hopefully nothing too violent or sexy.)
But what about love?

I purchased a new key from the Ace Hardware Store.
It fits the lock like a glove.
But it still takes a little jiggling to open the door.
But what about love?

I wander around in the bookstore and library.
There are lots of good choices for my pleasure and enrichment.
I usually end up with more than I can handle.
But what about love?

For my health and fitness I participate in a Community Ed. class.
It meets once a week on Wednesday evenings.
Sixteen of us are getting ourselves in balance with T'ai Chi.
But what about love?

Of course, I have my lucky numbers.
I always check on page 2 of the Pioneer Press to see if I won the Daily 3.
I never actually gamble my hard-earned cash.
But what about love?

There's a tree branch in my back yard.
I have to stoop under it to take out the trash.
I could trim it off, but it reminds me to honor Mother Nature.
But what about love?

Lake Superior is like our inland sea.
Grand Marais is the lake's safe harbor.
There are lots of beautiful scenes to paint on Artists' Point.
But what about love?

Traveling near and far can be fun and exciting.
Stonehenge was a spectacular ring of standing stones.
The pickpocket in Paris had considerable dexterity.
But what about love?

After asking the same question a dozen or more times,
It deserves an honest answer:

I met a dear person 40 years ago.
Her middle name is Lou.
I saw the writing on the wall.
It said, "Love is buried deep inside you."

When it comes to my final checkmate,
I will have won the prize without cheating.
It will roll off my tongue.
"I will always love you."

For ever and ever.  Amen.

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