Sunday, August 23, 2015

Port Wing Plein Air Painting Festival

One hour east of Duluth, MN is the small town of Port Wing.  It's along the South Shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin.  Less traveled than the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota it has it's own charm and beauty.  There are five towns dotted along the coast of this inland sea from west to east - Port Wing, Herbster, Cornucopia, Red Cliff and Bayfield, WI.  I have a generous friend who owns a cabin on Bark Point in Herbster.  So, I was lucky to be able to stay there while I participated in the 6th annual Port Wing Plein Air Painting Festival.  27 artists enjoyed two and a half days of painting within a 4 mile radius of Port Wing.  There is a lovely sand beach, marina, area high school, art gallery, restaurant and a couple of bars in this town.  Unexpectedly I found the subjects for two paintings along the alley behind the houses in the small residential area of town.  Here the older out-buildings had a "road less traveled" charm.  One of the two paintings that sold in the exhibit was my "quick paint".  With just 90 minutes to complete a painting in the marina area I forgot to take a photo of this painting before turning it in to meet the deadline.  Here are the other paintings from Port Wing, WI.

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